The WaveRider Laundry System is the most advanced and successful credit based cashless payment system ever developed.

WaveRider provides a full cashless laundry system solution with simple to install units, and easy to use web-based account management tools. The WaveCentral System can even notify service personnel, instantly, of any problems with a laundry machine.

Promotions such as a free wash and dry cycles, loyalty programs, and off-peak discounts can be performed quickly and easily via a secure web interface.  The results are increased revenue and customer loyalty.   Your customers can even find out, in advance, how many laundry machines are available by checking WaveVision, our innovative website designed to maximize customer convenience

          Credit/debit card at laundry machine
          EMV Credit, Apple Pay, Android Pay*
          Cardholders receive text message when laundry is done
          Real time machine status for operator and cardholder
          Card only, or coin and card
          Secure – PCI compliant
          Simple installation and setup
          100% wireless system
          End to end support – No middleman
          Full suite of operator reports (real time & historical)


Wave Rider   Works

529 miles

In 2016, we started
81,000,000 laundry cycles with credit cards.  That’s over 480,000,000 quarters.
Stack them up and they be would over twice the height of the International Space Station.


The stack would be heavy, too.  It would weigh as much as 675 elephants.